Leg Pain Treatments

At 360 Clinic in Long Beach, CA, we provide leg-pain treatments that reduce inflammation, relieve muscle strains, & heals knee bursitis.

Leg pain is many times a sign of injury, such as:



inflammation of a tendon— i.e. one of the thick cords that connects a muscle to the bone.


Muscle strain:

this is very common— it happens when the fibers of a muscle tear due to overstretching. Very common in quadriceps, hamstrings, or calf muscles.


Knee bursitis:

the knee joint is surrounded by bursa— fluid-filled sacs. This is when they become inflamed and cause knee pain.


Stress fractures:

tiny breaks in bones making up the leg

Symptoms of Leg and/or Knee Pain


Swelling of the leg or knee


Bruising of the leg


Weakness of leg or knee


Pain when flexing or stretching thigh muscles


Pain in the knee when walking or going up and downstairs

Leg and Knee Pain Treatment

At 360 Clinic, we believe in the customization of each individual’s leg or knee pain treatment plan in order to address their body’s needs and ailments with the utmost precision.

Physical Therapy for Leg and Knee Pain

When used pragmatically and appropriately, physical therapy helps those with leg and knee pain and/or injuries regain strength and a wider range of motion. It also helps with pain management and the prevention of permanent damage.