Sports Injury Treatments

At 360 Clinic in Long Beach, CA, we provide Sports Injury Treatments including ligament sprains, tendon strains, and knee injuries.

Types of Sports Injuries

Different sports lead to different injuries— that’s a given. Each injury produces different symptoms and complications. The following are some of the most common sports injuries:



Ligaments that are overstretched or torn result in sprains.



Tendons that are overstretched or torn result in strains.


Knee injuries:

The knee is an easy target for injury when playing many different sports. Anything that interferes with how the knee joint moves is considered a knee injury.


Rupture of Achilles tendon:

Injuries lead to swollen muscles, but this can also make them weak and painful.


Bone Fractures:

i.e. broken bones


Bone Dislocations:

It’s common for bones to be dislocated when playing a sport— i.e. when a bone is popped out of its socket.


Rotator cuff injuries:

The rotator cuff is formed by four pieces of muscle that work together to give your shoulder the ability to move around in all directions. Just a single tear in any one of these muscles can lead to a weakened rotator cuff.

Treatment for Sports Injuries

At 360 Clinic, we believe in the customization of each individual’s sports injury treatment plan in order to address their body’s needs and ailments with the utmost precision.

Physical Therapy for Sports Injuries

Our physical therapists will help you regain movement, flexibility, and strength in the area of your body that’s injured. Physical therapy is also important in managing pain and preventing permanent damage and other recurring problems surrounding your sports injuries.