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At 360 Clinic in Long Beach, CA, we take the conservative-first approach to pain management, pain education, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement.

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At 360 Clinic in Long Beach, CA we are dedicated doctors and therapists who specialize in Sports Injury Treatments, Leg Pain Treatments, Shoulder Pain Treatments, Vestibular Balance Disorders, Neck Pain Treatments, & Middle and Lower Back Pain Treatments.

The Ways We Treat Pain, Injuries, and Balance Disorders:

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We are dedicated doctors and therapists

“..specializing in the conservative-first approach to pain management, pain education, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement. We use individually-tailored, science-based methods of physical medicine to address neuromusculoskeletal conditions of the human frame. The cornerstone of our success is the commitment to the highest standards of care in our field. Schedule an appointment now and see first-hand why so many choose 360 Clinic in beautiful downtown Long Beach, California for their chiropractic and conservative care needs.”

In health,

Nick Reiff, DC, MAOM
Clinic Director, 360 CLINIC
p: 562-999-2383 (texting is fine)

My mission is to incorporate best practice concepts, high standards of ethics, and excellent patient outcomes— while increasing conservative treatment options and prevention awareness within our community. I strongly believe that health misinformation is devastating to our society.

In return, I wholeheartedly pledge to provide the most current information and engage in the most efficacious, evidence-based treatment available in my fields, while always keeping the patient (you) at the center of my practice.


You Are At the Center




Dr. Reiff routinely researches the published literature to determine the current best diagnostic tests and chiropractic and manual therapy interventions for his patients’ conditions. He utilizes this knowledge with his experience, while respecting the preferences of his patients in an effort to deliver optimal care.

An evidence-informed practice is about doing the right things for the right people at the right time. It does so by promoting the examination of best available clinical research evidence as the preferred process of decision making where higher quality evidence is available. This reduces the emphasis on unsystematic clinical experience and pathophysiological rationale alone while increasing the likelihood of improved clinical outcomes.


How do you know the diagnosis is correct?


It depends on the results of the treatment.


I unequivocally want you to get better faster.

No long-term treatment plans, gimmicks, or gadgets (well, maybe some gadgets).

I treat using current pain and neuroscience models

Versus outdated models which do not stand up to scientific rigor. You will leave informed. You will have homework.

100% of my patients receive custom digital home exercise programs (HEP)

Modified to your activity intolerances, fitness, history, and symptoms. These programs are organic and are not cookie-cutter.

24/7 email support;

Questions, concerns, or just want to chat…? I can get back to you within one business day (and many times much faster).

Our office is modernized.
We use digital records, video analysis, smart phone applications and other relevant current technology to aide in your recovery. Our office line accepts texts messages if that is more convenient for you. Don’t be surprised if I answer my office line. I prefer to be your point of contact when possible.
360CLINIC will never be a high volume office.

We generally have a 20-patients-per-day limit, which give us a high standard of care— with office wait times rarely over 5 minutes.

If conservative care can't help you, I will refer you to the correct specialist who can.

Co-managing with other medical professionals is vital for optimal patient centered care. I am not anti-medicine nor anti- vaccine. As a matter of fact, my fiancée is an OB/GYN and my little brother is a doctor of internal medicine.

My treatment style is a mix of heavy patient education, graded movement, and hands-on therapy.

You will not see every patient getting the exact same treatment here. Additionally, you might receive supportive recommendations for exercise equipment, stress management, breathing techniques, nutritional support, personal training, evidence-based topical creams, etc.

Over the last 4 years my treatment style has changed with the evidence.
It will continue to do so as best practice guidelines are constantly evolving. I am happy answering questions about treatments found on Google, used by the celebrities or seen on Dr. Oz. Beware of the interweb sometimes:)
We do not over utilize imaging (x-ray, MRI, etc).

You will be referred to imaging only if you absolutely need it. With that said, I prefer to go over any imaging/lab results with you and explain their significance— or many times, irrelevance— to your pain.

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